Economic Dimension

Tourism is an important engine for economic growth and development. Hence, economic sustainability of tourism is generally considered with respect to a focus on macro-level and objective indicators, such as gross domestic product, employment rate and investment. While useful, macro-level and objective perspectives do not capture many other indicators with significant importance to local stakeholders, who are affected by tourism development strategies and who have their own interpretations of sustainability.

For monitoring purposes, economic sustainability is measured through indicators on the destination’s economic benefits from tourism, employment effects and tourism seasonality.

Economic benefits of destination

Average daily expenditure per tourist

Number of same-day visitors

Number of golf rounds

Sales from golf rounds

Sales from hotels and similar establishments

Diversity of the source markets

Market share of the main source markets


Seasonal employment as a percentage of direct tourism employment in the region

Qualified employment as a percentage of direct employment in tourism in the region

Average monthly salary of direct employment in tourism


Occupancy rate in tourist accommodation establishments, per month

Tourist arrivals by month (or quarter) and market

Average price per room sold, by month